Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for your biggest TEST!

The life of Abraham teaches you that:
(1) You can walk with God, yet not know the details of
your destiny.
(2) When God makes you a promise, the timeline is up to
(3) Sometimes you'll get it wrong before you get it right.
(4) You can have faith in one area, yet experience fear
in another.

Abraham didn't know where the Lord would lead him. At
the urging of Sarah, Abraham fathered Ishmael and their
impatience cost them dearly. Even though Abraham loved
and trusted God, he still lied to the king about Sarah being his
wife and yet when it came to sacrificing his son Isaac on the
altar, Abraham showed himself willing and obedient to the Lord.

The tests you've been through begin to make sense when you
face y0ur biggest test. When you pass it, like Abraham, you can
call God "Jehovah Jireh" which means "The-Lord-Will-Provide"
and at that point God will say, "Now you've arrived at a place
where I can use you!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards passing and excerpt from her book, Resilience...

Today, Elizabeth Edwards passed away after a long struggle with breast cancer. She suffered in many ways other than this and she was not given grace of privacy as her husband was a very public figure running for Vice President at one time. Below, when you click on this site, you will find yourself able to read Chapter 1 in her book, Resilience. I do not know if it is the whole chapter but here she shares about her father's life, suffering a stroke and surviving when doctors gave no hope....surviving and living another 18 years. I found Elizabeth to be a fine writer in sharing her emotion and giving it a voice to encourage others. I hope that you are blessed as I was......debbie