Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Encouraging Reading to feed the Soul!!!

Doing a lot of reading lately. Started a non-fiction book about Heaven written by Randy Alcorn. He writes about heaven through what Scripture says because so many have a misconception of what Heaven will be like. As he was sharing excerpts from his fictional books, well, I got started on some of those. Read Deadline, and am now reading the second book, Dominion. Randy Alcorn has written many books that deal with the Spiritual realm in a strong biblical way. He is an author I trust that will not stray from Scripture. I wish I knew how to copy the picture and such to link it here. If you go to and type in Randy Alcorn for books, you will be blessed to see a great list. I would recommend any of his books if you are looking for something to feed your spiritual soul and encourage you......blessings, deb

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sitting around waiting for some Spring

Well, not really sitting around, but I am anxiously waiting for Spring. And as I wait, and get down trodden at times, I reflect on the Lord and know that each season has its place here on earth. Life springs anew from what has died as we a live anew because of a Risen Savior!!!

Blessings this day! deb