Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joyous Thanksgiving!!!

I know we are quick to say "Happy Thanksgiving" is what we have always said.  I just started thinking though....uh, oh, the wheels are turning.  So many people do not look forward to these types of holidays that involve family gatherings.  You may have a very dysfunctional family situation, you may be dealing with a great loss at this time in some form.  It can be a tough tough time.  So, it just occurred to me, "happy" is a feeling and "joy" is a knowledge that rises above the feelings of knowing God is in control and He is in all that I am dealing with now.  He is faithful and walks beside me no matter what I do.  I cannot earn His love and He loves me regardless of how I am "feeling" at the moment.  Yes, it is a time for.......


 don't you think?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man! Life Just Doesn't Seem Fair!!!

I came across the creator of these "wire" scenes and really appreciated this one.  As we are looking ahead to winter months, the cold, the bone-chilling feeling that only flannel pajamas, a blanket and a cup of cocoa can cure.....the perfect get away from the harshness of the world.....that even then someone or something is suffering somewhere like here....Poor Marshmallow!!!  Smiles and hugs your way.  Life is hard and so unfair at times.  It won't always be this just feels like it now....

Love in Christ,