Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible College Reunion!!!

Well, it is almost midnight and it has been a long and wonderful day!!! Opened the antique store from 9:30 to 4:30, closed early to make it to my Bible college reunion....yes, DBC, Dakota Bible College. Attended there in 1981, '82 and '84. It was a wonderful time in my life where I enjoyed great fellowship, great learning of the Word and could still memorize and do well on tests!!! Now, I am lucky, very lucky to remember why I went into the next room for something!!!

A good friend of mine, Gary and myself.....oooh, a close-up!!! :) ...I found out something interesting. When Focus on the Family moved to Colorado Springs, Gary and his electrical company did the electrical work for the campus!!! Shows you how long we have been out of touch!!! For sure, though, we will keep in touch now!!! Gary is married to another good friend of mine, Bonnie. I look forward to rebuilding our friendship!!!

Like the banner says, "The Buildings are gone, but the memories live on." I am so very thankful for seeing friends from long ago and remembering the promise of our GREAT reunion in heaven!!! Oh, to what we have to look forward to!!!

I was in a music group called "Feed Company" taken from the Scripture of when Jesus is talking to Peter and telling him to "Feed My Sheep." Those were the days of traveling, meeting wonderful people in churches and also in their homes, great food and fellowship!!!

This gal has had a quite a day!!! You all have a great Sunday praising and being thankful for all He has done for you!!!

debbie :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Zig Ziglar and his heart....

What I love about Zig Ziglar is his heart. His ability to help people realize their potential is unsurpassed, and his belief that,

"You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want,"

has been the foundation of all he's accomplished.
Zig Ziglar has been around a long time. I was introduced to him, I believe in Bible College as required reading, in the early '80's. Yes, a long time ago. Oh, if we could all live like what he says live a life helping others achieve or get what they want and in return receive so many blessings. For the second year, our church gives a one hundred dollar bill to anyone in the congregation that is willing to find a use for it to bless others. The church only asks that it be someone in the community and to be willing to share about it as a testimony at some point. I have been trying to connect with the Activities Director at one of our nursing homes....I figure that she would know of a way to bless residents at the nursing home, especially those that do not get any visitors. Last year, I gave the money to our local Crisis Center and it was used to purchase food for a family with small children. Some people in the congregation pledged to do something with their own money. It is all about helping people and sharing the love of Christ. A great way to start the day, I'd say!
Be Blessed, debbie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are all different....

Yes, we are all different, but together, we can make something beautiful! My friend, Wanda put this in her case at the antique store. Some call this "steampunk" jewelry....and yet, it is just a great example of what I just said. And in Christ, our differences in backgrounds, experiences, etc. can bring us together and develop into a more enriching fellowship. View the linked chain as Christ and He brings it all together for us and He can carry it all. It may be a corny word picture, but I do great when it comes to visuals!!! Have a blessed day!!! debbie

Monday, July 19, 2010

"In the weighing of things, Christ brings the balance"!

The other day at work, a lady that I am helping sell some things on ebay for, came in and presented me with a couple of flats of stuff! I love stuff, sifting through stuff, finding treasures and being amazed! To know me, is to know that I am easily amazed, easily entertained....can be a really cheap date, according to my husband! Walking can be a date, don't you know!!! Anyway, I was going through the items, untangling jewelry and found a delicate Black Hills Gold bracelet and a necklace with her name on it and little momentos. Well, my heart beat a little faster as I am always looking at how I can turn things over and sell in the store....I had a moment of "she wouldn't know, she gave it all to me, I can do with it what I want" and then, the scale of right and wrong popped into my mind. It didn't take long (thank goodness) for me to put those items aside to give back to her and I did just that earlier today and she was so appreciative of this. I feel good and it was the right thing to do. That scale can get pretty heavy when we are leaning more the wrong way and I've got so much on my mind anyway, I do not need the "heaviness" of guilt! So, try and keep your scale weighted light! In Christ, debbie

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Will You Remember?" Do you know where your paradise is?

I don't know if you will be able to read the stamp if you click on this picture to enlarge it. It says, "our paradise" on it. As I was getting on the computer, a top story was the shooting that took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My three oldest happen to be in Albuquerque right now. My daughter is visiting and will be returning on Wednesday. My two sons are living there, one attending university, the other working. The shooting is another domestic violence situation and very sad. It is news like this that once again reminds me that I need to "remember" where my paradise is. It isn't here....for me or for any of you. This isn't our home and was never meant to be. This is just an intro into something far far better....beyond imagining. Oh, we get a glimpse in different passages throughout the Bible and then quite a description in the book of Revelations. A much better place to look forward to, by far. So, remember where your paradise lies and do not store up earthly treasures here, but heavenly ones!!!
Love in Christ, always.....debbie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jesus' words......

Jesus' words....are great "food for thought" and you don't have to worry one bit about the calories and they have everlasting value!!!!

Blessings this day....